Greenlee 7475H Hand Hydraulic Pump

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Greenlee 7475H Specifications:
•Max output pressure 10,000 psi (700 bar)
•Useable oil capacity 0.75 quart (0.74 liter)
•1st stage oil volume (200 psi) 0.82 cu in/stroke
•2nd stage oil volume (10,000 psi) 0.16 cu in/stroke
•Length (including coupler) 25" (635 mm)
•Width 5-5/8" (143 mm)
•Height 5-1/2" (140 mm)

Greenlee 7475H Features:
•Two-speed hydraulic pump. Ideal for use with remote cutting and
crimping tools
•Compact and lightweight - easy to move around jobsites.
•Solid base with wide legs provides for good stability during operation.
•Built-in carrying handle.
•Large, easy to grasp, retraction wheel.
•Equipped with 3/8" female screw-type hydraulic coupler.

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