Greenlee 881BASIC Cam Track Bender for One-Shot 90° Bends (No Shoes)

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Greenlee 881BASIC Specifications:
• Cam Trak Conduit Bender for One-Shot 90° Bends without Shoe Groups or Hydraulic Pump

Greenlee 881BASIC Includes:
• 3/8" x 6 ft. Hydraulic Hose
• No Shoes
• Table Not Included (required to use tool)

Greenlee 881BASIC Features:
• One bender to bend EMT, IMC and Rigid Conduit.
• Fast and easy setup on the jobsite.
• True One-Shot 90° bends with CT models for quick accurate bends.
• Steel reinforced follow bars for long life.
• Bend a 90° elbow in 4" Rigid conduit in 95 seconds.
• Optional 1813 Bending Table and accessories for easier operation.

Notes on Greenlee 881 Bender:
• If you don't have a hydraulic pump, purchase the 881CT-E980 or 881CTD-E980 depending on your shoe group needs.
• If you do have a hydraulic pump, purchase the 881CT or 881CTD.
• The 1813 Bending Table is almost mandatory to use any of the 881 series benders.

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