Greenlee CA1 Cable Anchor

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Greenlee CA1 Specifications:
• Sold in bags of 25
• Secures a maximum of 8 cables
• Power cables: (4) 10-2 w/G NM, (4) 12-2 w/G NM, (8)14-2 w/G NM, (4) 14-3 w/G NM
• Voice, Data, Video cables: (8) up to 0.3"(7.6 mm) each
• When securing more than 4 power cables, cable ampacity should be determined in accordance with NEC 300.15 and Canadian Electrical Code 4-004

Greenlee CA1 Features:
• Quickly and easily secures multiple power, voice, data, and video cables. (Follows all applicable codes regarding
spacing between power and low voltage cables.)
• Correctly spaces cables from stud and plate edges to meet U.S. and Canadian electrical codes.
• Innovative design allows the user to open the cable slots by pressing on either side of the control tab on top of the
Cable AnchorTM.
• Nail is provided in ready position for speed and convenience.
• Two stage clamping secures each cable independently in position.
• Bright yellow color makes the Cable AnchorTM easy to see in low light conditions making visual verification easy.
• Packaged in convenient re-sealable bag.

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