Greenlee DM-860 Industrial 500,000-Count Digital Multimeter

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Greenlee DM-860 Specifications:
• Voltage Measurement: 500.00mV; 5.0000, 50.000, 500.00, 1000.0V
• Amperage Measurement: 500.00, 5000.0µA; 50.000, 500.00mA, 5.0000, 10.000A Resistance: 500.00O; 5.0000, 50.000, 500.00kO; 5.0000, 50.000MO
• Capacitance: 50.00; 500.0nF; 5.000, 50.00, 500.0, 9999µF
• Frequency: 5Hz-200kHz sine wave; 5Hz-2MHz logic level square wave
• Temperature: K type, -58°F to 1832°F (-50°C to 1000°C)
• Measurement Category: Cat IV-600V, Cat III-1000V

Greenlee DM-860 Includes:
• (1) 9V battery
• Bead temperature probe (400°F/ 204°C max.)
• Test leads
• Carrying case

Greenlee DM-860 Features:
• True RMS, 5-5/6-digit, 500,000-count display for greater accuracy.
• Audible input alert helps avoid damage to meter.
• Record max, min, and max-min, and data hold.
• Crest capture (peak hold) max, min, and max-min readings.
• Relative offset display mode makes monitoring relative measurement changes simple.
• Performs frequency, temperature, and capacitance measurements, plus diode and continuity tests
• Measures temperatures up to 1832°F.
• Autoranging for convenient operation - and to save you time.
• 42-segment analog bar graph display capability makes it easy to view quick changes.
• Bright, backlit display is easy to read under any light condition.
• RS-232 capable, may be connected to a PC for extended measurement capability with optional interface DMSC-9.

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