Greenlee EK06FTL11 Quad-Point L Series battery-powered crimping tool, flip-top head dieless

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• Two-speed pump advances the ram quickly to start the crimp, reducing crimp completion time.
• Utilizes four indenters to make the crimp.
• Tools offer automatic retraction stop (ARS) feature that automatically retracts the ram just enough after a crimp so that the tool can be moved into position for the next crimp cycle.
• Pressure monitoring that alerts the operator if the crimping force of the tool does not meet specifications. Now, contractors and utilities don’t need to worry if there tools are providing the proper crimp force.
• Flip-top style uses a pull pin to open head for easy removal from the connector.
• State of the art 18V lithium ion battery power reduces cycle time and provides 70% more cycles per charge. The pistol grip style tools utilize a 3.0 amp hour battery.
• An integral LED light to illuminate the work area on all tools.
• Over molded tacky grip areas to make the tool easier and more comfortable to hold. Lightweight, forward angled pistol handle provides much improved tool balance with a 360° rotating head.

• Crimping Die Style: Quad-Point Dieless
• Crimping Force:&nbsp(more...)

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