Greenlee EK1550FTLU11 Gator Battery-Powered 15 Ton Crimping Tool

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  • (1) Crimping Tool
  • (1) 120 V Charger
  • (1) Rechargeable Battery
  • Intelli-CRIMP Technology includes a pressure sensor that monitors the crimping force of each crimp and provides the operator a visual and audible alert if the force is below specifications.
  • Automatic Retraction Stop (ARS) retracts the ram just enough to get ready for the next cycle, saving time and energy.
  • 18V Li-ion battery provides 70% more cycles per charge and faster cycle times.
  • Accepts P-style die to crimp splices and lugs up to 1500 kcmil copper and 1250 kcmil aluminum.
  • Accepts Greenlee KC12, KA12, and KD12 crimping dies as well as industry U-style dies with optional UA15T adapters.
  • Light weight flip-top head with patented quick release locking pin.
  • 2" jaw opening.
  • Crimping head rotates 350°
  • Battery recharges in 28 minutes.
  • Capacity: Color-coded copper lugs and splices: #8 to 1500 kcmil (MCM) color-coded lugs and splices: #8 to 1250 kcmil (MCM)
  • Crimping Force at 10,000 psi: 30,000 lbs (135kN)
  • (more...)

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