Greenlee ESC105LB Large Diameter Underground Power And Communications Cable Cutter

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• (1) Cable Cutter

• Two-speed pump advances the ram quickly to start a cut.
• Blades open automatically when a cut is complete.
• By momentarily pulling the trigger, the operator can save time by stopping the blades at any point to prepare for the next cut
• Scissor-style blades are easy to fit around cables and can pick up cables on the ground.
• Cutting head rotates 350° for making cuts in tight locations.
• Accessory handle enhances operator control.
• Not for cutting ACSR, guy strand, or other cables with steel strands

• Capacity: 4" diameter (105 mm) Cu & Al power cables including soft steel armored, lead sheathed, and communications cables
• Length: 22.75" (604 mm)
• Height: 23.75 (604 mm)
• Cycles per Battery Charge: ~40

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