Greenlee FTF540-50 MagnumPro Fiberglass Fish Tape with Case 11/64" x 50'

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Greenlee FTF540-50 Specifications:
• Width: 11/64"
• Length: 50'
• Material: Fiberglass

Greenlee FTF540-50 Features:
• Used in proximity to energized lines & where good flexibility is desired
• Non-conductive fiberglass tape with patented low-friction coating for faster
and easier fishing
• Perfect for fishing in conduit with wire or cable present
• Available in 50'(15.2m), 100'(30.5m), 200'(61m) and 250'(76.2m) lengths
• Replaceable tips
• Advanced comfort grip and rugged case design
• Superior rapid grip tape payout and rewind
• Viewing ports to see amount of tape in case and allow quick debris removal

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