Greenlee GTS-THXH Saber Cable Stripper Tool and Bushing Kit

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• (1) Tool
• (13) Bushings
• (1) Carrying Case

• 13 bushing kit ranging from #6 AWG - 500 MCM THHN/XHHN aluminum conductor
• One way ratchet handle – allows user to maintain control of the cutback throughout the stripping process, ensuring blade does not come into contact with the conductor
• Tension grip depth stop –Self contained 4” laser etched depth stop for precise articulation of cut back depth, no additional tools needed for depth stop set up
• Spring loaded retention pin – Quick attachment method of cable specific bushings, no additional tools needed for bushing attachment
• Safety factor – Replaces the need to use blades when stripping cable. Blade lacerations comprise approximately 40% of all recordable injuries on the jobsite.

• Application : THHN/XHHN Aluminum Cable End Stripping
• Capacity : THHN/XHHN Aluminum Conductor #6 AWG - 750 MCM
• Finish : Black Anodized
• Handle Type : Knurled one way bearing
• Material : Aluminum, Steel
• Overall Length : 6.5" with bushing

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