Greenlee UGSAK Ultra Glider Slip-In Applicator Kit

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Greenlee UGSAK Specifications:
•Slip-In applicator kit for Ultra-Glider systems

Greenlee UGSAK Includes:
•Set of 5 slip-in applicators (2", 2-1/2", 3", 3-1/2" and 4")
•Carrying case

Greenlee UGSAK Features:
•Applies lube more evenly around the cable and more consistently than can be done by hand. This reduces the force required by the cable puller and reduces the chance for damage to the cable.
•During a cable pull, the person feeding the cable usually can operate the Ultra-Glider, which reduces the need for one person on the job.
•Eliminates the need for a person to place their hands near the point where the cable enters the conduit or duct.
•Eliminates the mess and slippery surfaces associated with manual cable lubrication.

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