Greenlee 441-3 Feeding Sheave for 3" Conduit

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Greenlee 441-3 Specifications:
•Weight: 14 lbs. (6.4 kg)
•Capacity (Angle of Pull) -
•15 °: 6050 lbs. (26.9 kN)
•30°: 3150 lbs. (14.0 kN)
•45°: 2200 lbs. (9.7 kN)
•60°: 1800 lbs. (8.0 kN)
•75°: 1600 lbs. (7.1 kN)
•90°: 1550 lbs. (6.8 kN)

Greenlee 441-3 Features:
•Yoke frame slides into the end of conduit and holds sheave, allowing the cable being fed into the conduit to smoothly roll over the sheave.
•5" (127 mm) wide aluminum alloy sheave with self-lubricating bearings.
•Split tube for easy removal after cable is installed.

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