Greenlee 01711 Deluxe Pendant For 855 Bender with Serial Code ABL

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Greenlee 01711 Specifications:
• Deluxe Pendant For 855 Benders starting with Serial Number ABL

Greenlee 01711 Features:
• Bends a variety of types and sizes of conduit.
• Intelligent pendant controls: Standard (included), digital readout and
programmable bend angles for accurate repeat bends. Deluxe (optional),
interactive control – calculates complete layout measurements for various
types of bends.
• Bends 1/2" to 2" EMT, IMC, Rigid and Rigid aluminum conduit without
any shoe changes. No loose parts to get lost.
• Two operating positions; table top and upright.
• Optional shoes available to bend PVC-coated steel conduit.
• Adjustable leveler pads.
• Excellent portability. Convenient lifting eyes.
• Weather-resistant construction.
• Squeeze adjustment to compensate for variations in EMT conduit.

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