Greenlee 35284 9/16" x 600' Double Braided Composite Pulling Rope

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Greenlee 35283 Specifications:
• Length: 600'
• Diameter: 9/16"
• Max. Rated Capacity: 4,000 lbs.
• Average Breaking Strength: 16,0000 lbs.

Greenlee 35283 Features:
• Custom made to Greenlee specifications to provide 4:1 Safety Factor required for cable pulling.
• Double-braided inner core with an extra double-braided outer jacket for added strength and less stretch; white with green tracer.
• Rot and mildew resistant.
• Factory spliced eyes at both ends.
• Lowest stretch.
• Select a rope with a maximum rated capacity that meets or exceeds the cable puller’s maximum pulling force.

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