Greenlee 730BB-1-3/8 1-3/8" Hole Size Standard Round Knockout Punch Unit

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Greenlee 730BB-1-3/8 Specifications:
• Hole Size: 1-3/8" (34.9 mm)
Punch Unit Consists of:
• Punch: 3205AV
• Die: 3206AV
• Draw Stud: 249AVBB
• Capacity -Mild steel up through 10 gauge (3.5 mm).
• Application -Punch mild steel, aluminum, fiberglass and plastic.
• Operation - Operate with battery-powered, hydraulic, ratchet or manual drivers. When used with battery-powered, hydraulic or ratchet drivers buy the punch and die only; the draw stud is part of the driver kit.
• Conduit Sizes – Hole size is outside diameter of US conduit sizes.
• Example: 1/2" conduit size punch actually makes a 7/8" hole.
• Pg Sizes - European standard pipe sizes.
• ISO Sizes - International Standards Organization pipe sizes.

Greenlee 730BB-1-3/8 Features:
• Round Standard Metal Punch Units are complete units consisting of punch, die and draw stud.
• Use with battery-powered, hydraulic, ratchet or manual drivers.
• Properly assembled through pilot holes, they will make clean, fast and accurate holes.

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