Greenlee 7804SB Quick Draw Hydraulic Punch Driver

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Greenlee 7804SB Specifications:
• 34288 Quick Draw Hydraulic Punch Driver
• 1614SS Draw Stud - 3/8" x 2-13/16"
• 31872 Draw Stud - 3/4" x 4-1/8"
• 1924AA Spacer-Short
• 33967 Stud Adapter - 3/8"
• 34983 Plastic Case

Greenlee 7804SB Features:
• Compact, lightweight design for portability and fast, easy one-person operation.
• Develops 8 tons of hydraulic force for easy punching, even in 10-gauge stainless steel, depending on individual punch capacities.
• Quick Draw is perfect for fast, straight-on front panel punching.
• Quick Draw Flex allows unlimited driver orientation to simplify access to work area.
• Can be used with non-round punches within the capacity of the tool (adapter may be required).

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