Greenlee C3AW Auto Whip Clad Cable Cutter

Sale price$ 30,761.72


• Designed for Type AC (BX), MC, & FMC Cable 1/2" - 1" OD Aluminum & Steel
• Automated notching and cutting stations with automatic cable feed
• Precision servo controls for accuracy and repeatability
• Lexan™ Polycarbonate shield to safely view the cutting operation - also allows access for blade replacement
• Touch-screen interface to change quickly between whip configurations
• USB port (IP67-rated) to upload custom whip configurations
• Configured for lockout/tagout to ensure machine is de-energized during blade changes
• Removable chip tray to easily discard cutting debris
• Quick set up and lights-out operation
• Fully enclosed housing protects operator from injury
• Fits on a standard workbench
• Easily programmable touch-screen interface
• Effortlessly change between whip configurations
• Load custom whip configurations using a USB stick

• Compatibility: Type AC (BX), MC, & FMC cable
• Cable Sizes: 1/2" - 1" OD
• Dimensions: 30" W x 23" D x 19" H

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