Greenlee CR25 Cable Roller Guide

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Greenlee CR25 Specifications:
• Roller opening size 3” (76mm) square
• Six nylon rollers

Greenlee CR25 Features:
• Six nylon rollers provide smooth movement of cable and prevent cable damage
• Pull pin makes opening and closing to insert and remove cables a simple one step operation
• Adjustment clamp allows the CR25 to be swiveled and/or rotated into any position
• Heavy duty 12 gauge cold rolled steel construction for durability and zinc dichromate finish prevents corrosion• Up to 20 network cables can be pulled at one time
• Easily attaches to wooden framing members using a lag bolt and the hole in the mounting bracket of the CR25
• May also be used with coax, NM, small size THHN, and similar cables
• Multiple cables may be pulled at one time.
• Cables are protected from damage while they are being pulled.
• Installers do not have to stand in precarious positions or on ladders for long periods.

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