Greenlee DM-860A Industrial Digital Multimeter

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• 9V Battery
• Bead Temperature Probe
• Test Leads
• Protective Boot
• Carrying Case

•  AC+DC True RMS, 50,000-count dual display for greater accuracy.
• VFD (variable frequency drive) voltage and frequency functions for accurate readings on noisy drive waveforms.
• Beep-Jack™ audible and visual input alert helps avoid blown fuses or damage to meter.
• 41-segment analog bar graph makes it easy to view quick changes.
• Record max, min, avg, and max-min and data hold.
• Crest capture (peak hold) max and min readings.
• Relative offset display mode makes monitoring relative measurement changes simple.
• Performs resistance, conductance, frequency, duty cycle, temperature and capacitance measurements, plus diode and continuity tests.
• Dual temperature measurement up to 1832°F/1000°C using type K thermocouples.
• Autoranging for convenient operation – and to save you time.
• Bright, backlit display is easy to read under any light condition.
• Intelligent Auto Power Off conserves battery life but will not turn meter off during measurements. 
• Wide AC bandwidth – to 100 kHz for voltage and 20 kHz for current.
• USB interface using optional DMSC-9U cable and sof(more...)

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