Greenlee FG01 G-Series Smart Pull

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• Carrying Case
• Battery
• Charger
• Mounting Hardware

• Faster: Instant early warning alerts allows contractor to take timely action, avoiding rework.
• Safer: Reduce liability by recording information with accuracy of +/- 2%, ensuring a healthy pull and peace of mind for the contractor.
• Easier: Wirelessly monitor force, speed and distance through the entire pull.
• Touch Screen LCD screen displays real time force, speed and distance.
• Use with existing UT10/UT8 Mobile VersiBoom II, floor mount and chain.
• Wireless platform with Bluetooth file transfer from PullCalc App.
• 5-Roller design lets you lay down rope, replace rollers and start pulling.
• Easily insert and remove rope with removable roller and cam-locking pin.
• USB download for easy data retrival.
• 128MB of onboard memory.
• Skeletal frame reduces weight for ease of handling
• Powered by any standard Makita 18V battery for up to 20* hours (*5aH battery)
• Sturdy steel handles protect the electronics and make the smart pull easy to carry.
• What happens when cable is overstressed during a pull?
  • Diminished transmission capabilities
  • Potential fire hazard
  • Rework and liability for the contractor
• Application : Used for measuring pulling force, distance and speed during cable pull
• Power Supply : Up to 5aH Makita battery
• Pulling Force : Up to 10,000 lbs. (44.48kN)
• Pulling Rope : Up to 7/8" Diameter Double braided rope
• Voltage Rating : 18V
• Onboard Memory : 128MB
• Accuracy : +/-2%
• Length : 25.5"
• Height : 9.5"
• Width : 8" (including back knob)• Weight :
  • 34.2 lbs without Carrying Case
  • 52.2 lbs with Carrying Case

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