Greenlee LDTAPKIT 6 Piece Long Drill/Tap Kit with Quick Change Adapter

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• (2) 8-32NC
• (2) 10-32NF
• (2) 1/4-20NC

• Drill, Tap, and Countersink in one easy to use bit
• Tapholes up to 4X's faster than traditional methods
• One-piece Drill/Tap design ensures proper hole size for threaded tap size
• Constructed of hardened High Speed Steel
• Long length Drill/Tap Bits tap up to 1/2" (12.7 mm) thick material
• Split-tip drills fast and resists walking
• Back tapered beyond tap to prevent thread damage
• Quickly deburrs and countersinks threaded hole
• Fast, secure 1/4" Quick-Change hex shank
• For best results, use Greenlee cutting oil with all Drill/Tap bits

• Material : High Speed Steel
• Material thickness : Up to 1/2" (12.7 mm) Maximum
• Material type : Mild Steel, Copper, Brass, and Aluminum
• Number Of Pieces : 6-pc. Kit plus 1/4" Quick-Change Adapter
• Point Type : Split-Tip drills fast and resists walking
• Shank : 1/4" Quick-Change HexINCLUDES:
• (2) 8-32NC
• (2) 10-32NF
• (2) 1/4-20NC

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