Greenlee 1731 1 Shot K.O. Driver

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Greenlee 1731 Specifications:
• Driver with ram, 1/2" through 1" conduit (22.5 mm through 34.6 mm) punches and dies
• Capacity: Up through 10 gauge (3.0 mm) mild steel with Greenlee special C-Frame dies and standard punches; 1/2" through 1" conduit and 15.2 mm through 30.5 mm.

Greenlee 1731 Description:
• Fast, one-shot punching, no predrilling of pilot holes.
• Great for punching junction boxes and small enclosures.
• Punch can be used with ram inside or outside of the junction box.
• Throat measures 8" (203 mm) deep.
• For use with 1/2" - 1" (22.5 mm - 34.6 mm) conduit size and accessory sizes only.

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