Greenlee 1802 Bending Table

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Greenlee 1802 Specifications:
• Capacity: 777, 880, 883, 884 and 885 Benders
• Weight: 180 lbs. (82 kg)

Greenlee 1802 Features:
• Make bending easier, faster and more accurate.
• Insert conduit to be bent in chain vise, tighten. Turn handle to move the chain vise and position conduit for bending.
• Use the Bending Degree Protractor and the movable chain vise to advance conduit while making segment and other multi-shot large sweep bends.
• Includes 1805 Bending Degree Protractor and metal storage box.
• Bending Table - Includes pipe support pins for 884 or 885 Benders
• To Use Bending Table wtih 777, 883 and 883-4 Benders, you must also purchase:
21359 - Pipe Support Pin for use with 777, 883 and 883-4 Benders, two (2) are required
• To Use Bending Table with 880 Bender, you must also purchase:
21357 - Pipe Support Pin for use with 880 Bender, two (2) are required

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