Greenlee 1903 Cable Stripping Tool

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Greenlee 1903 Specifications:
• Capacity -
• THHN Cable Size Range: 8AWG to 1250 kcmil
• Overall Cable Diameter: 0.18" to 1.57"
• Cable Diameter Using Small Cable Guide Hook: 0.18" to 0.98"
• Cable Diameter Using Large Cable Guide Hook: 0.79" to 1.57"
• Length (with large cable guide hook): 7"

Greenlee 1903 Features:
• Triple action stripping – rotary, linear, and spiral – 'Window' stripping is accomplished by combining 2 rotary cuts with a spiral cut in between them.
• ELIMINATES CABLE SCORING. Blade height is adjustable to precisely match insulation thickness
• Interchangeable cable guides for small and large cable diameters
• Hook on the cable guide is used to start jacket removal without the need to use a screwdriver or pliers
• Replacement blade storage pocket in the base of the tool
• Long life, high-carbon steel blade
• Ergonomic handle shape
• Suitable for most jacket materials

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