Greenlee 30666 Split Mesh Rod Closing Basket-Type Slack Pulling Grip 2.50" - 2.99"

Sale price$ 115.97


Greenlee 30666 Specifications:
• Cable Diameter Range: 2.50" - 2.99" (63.5 - 76.1 mm)
• Maximum Rated Capacity: 2200 lbs. (9.7 kN)
• Eye Length: 10" (254 mm)
• Mesh Length: 20" (508 mm)

Greenlee 30666 Features:
• Use to pull in when the end of the conductor is not available.
• Type of pulls: light and straight. The rod will not flex around bends.
• Single weave galvanized steel mesh with rod closing and an offset flexible eye.
• Select the grip with a maximum rated capacity that meets or exceeds the cable puller's maximum pulling force.

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