Greenlee 52180 7.2V - 18V Automotive Charger

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• Charges 18-Volt LXT batteries from a 12 Volt automotive outlet
• Charge your batteries while "on the go", essential for utility and maintenance crews
• Quickly charges an 18-Volt 3.0 Ah Li-Ion battery in only 60 minutes
• Built-in fan to cool the battery to maximize the life of the battery during charge cycles
• Advanced CPU communicates with individual battery's memory chip, recognizes battery's history and analyzes battery condition to determine the optimal charging method
• Identifies if abused by heat, over-discharged or cycle age
• Optimal charging method is achieved using 3 Active Controls (current, voltage and thermal) to maximize the effectiveness of the charge and extend the life of the battery

• Cell Type: Li-Ion/Ni-MH
• Amp Hour: 1.5 - 3.3
• Volts: 7.2 -18

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