Greenlee 6810 Ultra Cable Feeder with Hand Switch

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Greenlee 6810 Specifications:
• Power Supply: 115 VAC, 15 amps, 60 Hz
• Speed: 4-36 feet per minute (1.2-11 meters per minute)
• Maximum Tractive Force Single Cable: 200 lbs. (.9 kN)
• Maximum Tractive Force All Cables: 800 lbs. (3.5 kN)
• Cable Capacity:
• Quantity x Size
-- 8 x 250 MCM (120 mm2)
-- 6 x 500 MCM (240 mm2)
-- 5 x 750 MCM (300 mm2)

Greenlee 6810 Features:
• Feeds cable at variable speeds to match the speed of cable puller.
• Accommodates cable ranging in size up to 3.5" (88.9 mm) in diameter.
• Sets up easily and can be operated by just one person.
• Dual motors drive each wheel for traction on both sides of the cable.
• Comes with pendant and toggle switch. An optional foot switch (445) is available to control feeding.
• Two cable loading methods; top-loading and end-loading.

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