Greenlee EK6IDLX11 6 Ton Crimper Indent, Li-Ion, Standard, 120V

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• (1) Crimper
• (1) Charger
• (1) Case

• Equipped with Bluetooth™ Communication enabled via the Greenlee Gator Eye app. Features LED display screen communicating pressure and battery levels as well as tool diagnostics with real-time tool feedback.
• Dual stage telescopic cylinder
• The EK6IDL consists of two individual pistons (large exterior and a small interior one). The interior small piston transmits a force of 30kN and features two functions.
• First it fixes cable lugs and connectors to the correct position prior to crimping operations
• Secondly it crimps smaller cross sections up to 1/0 AWG
• The large exterior piston transmits a force of 60kN and crimps all larger cross sections. Managed by Intelli-Crimp, the variable 30kN / 60kN cylinder safeguards that the optimal crimp performance is always being achieved regardless of the cross section. Extremely large crimp range is ensured, copper material 8AWG-500MCM and aluminum material 1/0AWG-350MCM.
• Compact design, low weight and heavy duty performance
• Pressure sensor for the electronic control of crimping operation
• Automatic retraction, ARS (Automatic Retraction Stop)
• Single trigger operation
• Extreme Accountability: Risk of wrong selection of dies is eliminated
• Clear marking of crimped connectors enables subsequent control
• Electronic control of crimping operation – Proven Intelli-Crimp technology of all Gator crimping tools
• Gator Eye Compatibility

• Type : Dieless style crimper
• Application : 6 Ton Crimping
• Standard : C/US UL Listed
• Wire Size : Standard Strand: 8 AWG - 500 kcmil Cu, 1/0 AWG - 350 kcmil Al; Fine Strand: 8 AWG - 350 Kcmil CuDLO, 8 AWG - 373.3 Kcmil Cu
• Overall Length : 15.75 IN (400mm)
• Crimping Force : Variable 3-6 Ton (30-60 kN)
• Crimping Capacity : Standard Strand: 500 kcmil (MCM) Copper, 350 kcmil (MCM) Al; Fine Strand: 350 Kcmil (MCM) Copper, DLO, 373.7 Kcmil (MCM) Copper
• Connector Type : Color-coded lugs and splices
• Handle Type : In-Line Style with over molded rubber grip

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